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I know that there is often confusion as to where we need to be sending our resources. (Admin) can unlock this topic and change it, so when one goal is complete, we will change to the next goal. We are a team, So please be active and donate resources and reinforcements when asked to do so.

Priority #1 - We all need to be doing this and helping each member having:
>At least 3000Warriors and 3000Archers, 1000Scouts
>Cottages - 6-9
>Barracks - 10+ (all level 4 early then slowly upgrade to 9)
>Inn - Keep at low lvl to get low lvl hero's with a 60+ att, int, OR Pol, then build up only that attribute. after you have 9 or 10 demolish it.
>Warehouse - 1 only. and don't upgrade it. they are useless when under attack by big player
>Relief station - makes reinforcing faster
>Tower to lvl 9
>Demolish Workstation, Forge, etc. after buildings and techs that require them are maxed and replace them with Barracks
>TH and Walls to lvl 10 if possible (after out of protection week)
>Wall fortifications - Pure Archer Towers if possible, Treb next, and Abatis and Traps lowest amounts
>Hi informatics researched
>Rally lvl 10 will allow sending out max troops
>Lv5 in all resource fields
>Identify 2 CLOSEST team members (Including yourself) and help each other with Resources and Defense ect.

[b]Priority #2
- Second Village
We need to settle near each other to create defenses. We are trying to create 3hr protection zones.
If you wish to settle a new village contact us about it, we may be able to help.

ON HOLD - Priority #3 - Village Killers
Once you have researched catapults and siege weapons, and have ---- prestige – you can then ask for inclusion HERE

Don't forget to report who helped you - and also to tell us you have achieved your goal

Thanks Everyone!


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