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Requirements as Members

Alliance Targets for December
Final Membership Cut is: 1st Jan
Prestige: 25000
Military Force: 3000+Warriors, 3000+Archers

(Or demonstrate you are working towards this)

*The importance of membership cuts is to ensure only the BEST Team Players are in our alliance. In order to WIN this server, we all have to actively supporting each other. The Alliances that WIN servers are not the ones with the most members or highest rank... it is the one who can best organize themselves, and who are the most committed.


*Stay active and be involved in your alliance, this means support your team mates. Support each other by donating resources, rally to causes, and message each other. If you have a project you need resources for, ask for your inclusion into the “where to send resources to”. It is a great help and also polite to report all donations that you have received in the forum, so you are required to do so. We also have different ways of telling if you have been active or not.
*Don't!! attack alliances without checking with the leaders first, they will tell you when not to be nice.
*If you’re under attack we need to hear about it in the forum topic “Military” “Im being attacked”
*Everyone is required to produce troops each day, together with wall defenses. Some of you may like to specialize in making "attack troops" only - so that others can specialize in making defensive troops for our you.
*Troop Tool: You are required to register and update troop tool every 3-7 days. Non of the information is for public viewing, only the leaders can have access to this information.
*You can suggest confederations and naps at any time.
*You can also suggest recruitment at any time.
*We use GMT0 as our standard for co-ordination. Please adjust for your time zone "http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html"
* --- --- is your military general. We will send you targets to attack. Please respond to them quickly as possible.
*Check the forum every time you log in
*Check the “Where to send resources to”
*Check the “Read me first” for any updates
*You MUST tell us if you plan to go on holiday.

Failure to meet alliance objective and follow alliance principles will get your membership terminated without warning.


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