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Post  Raelptah on Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:32 pm

OK so obviously it is a place for the buying and selling of resources! However, try to get the most out of the marketplace. Whatever level it is determines the amount of transactions you can have going at the same time. Example: Market is Level 3 = 1 Lumber order, 1 Food, and 1 iron order at once.

Now most of you go to the market and buy some food and you pay whatever the game defaults to. Tsk Tsk where are my bargain shoppers!!!! Click the marketplace and look on the left hand side. You see the buy/sell tabs and notice lots of numbers. Well, some like to play the market. You will see a HIGH and LOW offer to buy and sell. It may show 200k food available for .06, so you need 1mil some money by entering 200k in the amount field and then enter .06 in the price and hit refresh then post! Now you saved some gold!

Now post the difference in food you need and maybe search some more prices. This works with sell too. You can sell your goods at a lower or higher market rate! Happy Trading!


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