>>>Our current Allaince structure

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>>>Our current Allaince structure

Post  Raelptah on Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:34 pm

HI - this as a private area just for leaders and Vips. The other one gives a general idea of the roles in the "read me first" but doesnt list names


Hello, greetings and welcome
This section is Private information
describing who does what and our group responsibilities.

Brak Host - ADMIN
Nemesis79 Vice Host - ADMIN
Meethrap Vice Host - ADMIN
LORDS Presbyter
Enrim Presbyter
LadyEM officer
Raelptah officer - ADMIN
LadyEnigma officer
LadyMeeth officer
matidakiller officer (sir)
Infamous officer
Hedgewytch officer

*To sign in new members is easy
- just go to "Admin Panel" at base of forum
Open that and go to "Users & Groups" and CLICK them in from there
Please remember to check their names against alliance list

COORDINATOR GENERALS: Brak, Nemesis79, Meethrap
Coordinates between groups. Team strategy & diplomatic consultants.

Brak, Nemesis79, Meethrap, LORDS, Enrim, LadyEM, Raelptah, LadyEnigma, LadyMeeth, matidakiller, Infamous, Hedgewytch
Leaders & Vips make alliance policy & team strategy decisions
Includes one Leader from each group we merge with

Military coordinator for our alliance and consults between all the groups we merge with.
Makes final battle timings on alliance lead attacks.
Mass messages members

Assists Battle General, coordinates timings, collects information, can mass messages members

One in charge of recruitment by areas. The other monitoring of members coming and going. Registers members into and out of the forums.

Consultant for holiday needs

DIPLOMATIC OFFICERS: - positions by invitation only
Seeks to resolve any disputes. Communicates with confeds. Exchanging information, updates and status reports with our Leaders

Moderators in charge of our forum and communication department & specific areas
Different topics moderated by those in positions

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