>>>Recruiters - Responsibilities & Suggestions

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>>>Recruiters - Responsibilities & Suggestions

Post  Raelptah on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:33 pm

RECRUITERS: What the position entails:

***One person RECRUITER: Monitoring of members coming and going. Registers members into and out of the forum >Admin rights.
***The other RECRUITER's: In charge of recruitment due to location and alliance requirements. Sends invites.
You BOTH communicate with each recruiter proposals.

Recruiting new members:

1. Please check the guest room for applications. As soon as you get an application, make a background check on their alliance by using the "stats" and searching their name
2. Then place the background check into your private forum under “Those wanting to join” so we can keep a copy. Together with their current co-ordinates.
3. If they make the requirements and their alliance history doesnt look suspicious then give them an invite immediately, we can always take the invite back if need be.
4. If they don’t meet the requirements, then be nice and offer that they can join when they meet the minimum membership requirements listed on our alliance front page. We need to be selective in who we attract - only the best will do!

Recruit By Location:
(not decided yet)
We need to stick to recruiting within certain zones - no point having someone 35hrs away. To do this please scan your map area. Then cue up an attack on their co-ordinates. If they are within 3hrs of *nominated point*, then invite them to join. Send them the invite message and say that its waiting in their embassy. We will be working with 3 hr protection zones. There will be a proposal for "Village" destroyers within the alliance as a priority placement. Please recruit around THEM with this in mind... They will need protection.

So how to plug in the gaps?
*We dont have a mapping tool as yet, but when we do, this will make recruiting easier.
>At some point

Forum Admin

>Another important job is signing people into the troop tool and forum - and deleting them again when they leave the alliance or groups. Please communicate with each recruiter of these members. Always monitor group membership. Keep a copy of the membership list by saving the website or cut and paste into a word document the membership names.

>When they are freshly signed in, can you please message them personally and direct them to the “welcome message” and also ask them to sign up for the troop tool. I’ll give you access to sign people into the troop tool as well.

>When you delete someone - place information into the "players deleted" in the private section. Their Game name followed by the first half of thier email, the the last bit cut off. This is for reference only to check if someone is trying to come back again as a different name. EG: Raelptah biggeemail@ (chopped off)

>You'll be given admin rights to this forum - please dont abuse it. The admin panel is the last thing on the forum front page... go to the bottom, its marked in red below the chat room box. Click that- you'll be directed to another website where you can sing people in.

Once in the admin space - go to "Users & Groups" then side bar "Inactive players". Here you'll see a list of people who are "New users" this is a list of people who have freshly joined the forum. Now this is the important bit, before accepting them - CHECK USERNAME. IF they are not listed in the search stats - or they are not the registered as the same GAME NAME - delete them. Spies often try and gain access to forums.

The green active = application accepted - members join the forum
The red delete = new applications deleted

>Once accepted just use the same page as user groups, then use the "search user" function to find their profile page. Scroll down to the end of their profile you should see "Rank Title :" assign a rank title of which ever group they are friendly with - or just alliance member. Later this can be updated to a position if they take one.

>To delete a member who has joined, just use the same "search user" function - find there name - then click, go to the end of their profile and you'll see "Click here to delete this user; this cannot be undone" this will delete them.

Please inform us of any applications for Confeds or Alliance Mergers.

You are also the moderator for your chunk of forum. So please play with it and keep topics in order. If people post things in daft places within your subject area, then just move them as quotes

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